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An Introduction

About Terms of Use
Before you use FinoMarkets, you should carefully read these 'terms and conditions' (terms of use or agreement). By using our website, you agree to our terms and conditions as it set forth the legal terms of binding or agreement for the website, web-based applications, our web services and mobile apps (online services) that we offer on the site or other services in any way. This includes but is not limited to the navigation or visiting of our website. Whenever you use or visit our website, this agreement bounds you and governs your site use. This agreement is applicable to all users of this service(s) or site, including information, content and other services contributor to this site.
We welcome you to the FinoMarkets site, which gives you an opportunity to trade and access www.finomarkets.com. It is subject to our ‘terms and conditions’ as stated in the following and the privacy of this site which we can modify anytime without prior notice. We highly recommend that you carefully read these documents before you use this site.

Fino Market’s Intellectual Rights of Property

All the content in any form, including graphics, texts, media or any other present on our site, which you can read and view, and the coding is the sole property of FinoMarkets. And you cannot use it except as stated in this terms and conditions documents. You may be allowed to use the website and its content only for non-commercial, legal and personal purposes. You are not allowed to use any robots, tools for data mining or other kinds of tools for data collection and extraction of the content, framing any site's portion, reproducing, reprinting, storing, copying, publishing, broadcasting, displaying, modifying, translating, publishing, sublicensing, assigning, transferring, distributing or loan any part of the content present on the site without our prior consent in writing. You are not allowed to misuse or infringe the rights of third party intellectual property in any way.

Usage Limitations

Users should not transfer or spread any false, unlawful, profane, defamatory, obscene or solicitous information or material through our online platform, infringe any property or copyrights of any entity or individual, or it can otherwise result in criminal or civil liability according to the law. As a user, you are responsible for adhering to and respecting the national and international law with regard to this site usage and online services. Any attempt made to violate the law can result in a lawsuit against the law offender by FinoMarkets. Our company complies fully with the applicable laws and authorities and authorized to provide any type of information required to proceed litigation process.

Warranties Disclaimer

FinoMarkets has no fiduciary duty to fulfil or any special relationship with you. Moreover, you should acknowledge that FinoMarkets don't have control and no responsibility to initiate action concerning which users access our website, the content you access through our site, the effects that content may have on the users, how users use or interpret the content or the actions that you may take as a result of exposure to the content on the site. You do not hold FinoMarkets liable for anything that you acquire, accept or use through this site’s content.

Third-Party Sites

You may be directed to some other sites through this website, and those websites may have information that you find inappropriate or offensive. FinoMarkets, in this regard, has no representation of the content present on those sites or accessed by you on other sites through this site. We are not responsible or liable for content's accuracy, legality, and compliance of copyright, material's decency accessed or contained via the sites.

FinoMarkets directors, employees, partners, agents, suppliers and content providers don’t provide any warranty of the following:
• The service will be available anywhere at any time
• The service will be completely secure
• We will correct any errors or issues
• Any content that we provide you through this site or available software via this service is completely free from viruses or other harmful elements.
• The service use results meet your specific requirements. The use of this service is at your own sole risk. So you are fully responsible in case of any problem or mishap that may occur while or during the use of this site and services. Plus, FinoMarkets don't provide any privacy or confidentiality communication warranty or the information you may transmit via this site or the websites linked in any way to this site.

Refund Policy

You can take our services after selecting the plan and making a payment. You can subscribe to our service for a minimum period of one month with a prepayment option for 3 to 12 months. Once you start your subscription with us, you cannot cancel it. We are not responsible and don't provide you with a refund in case you decide that you don't want to use our service before the subscription's expiry date.
We don't provide you with any refund or payment compensation if you're unable to use or access our website or services due to any reason. You have to make a prepayment to use our services.
We solely reserve the right of revising our 'Terms and Conditions' without informing you anytime. If you have concerns or questions regarding our terms of use or service, you can get in touch with us via email or phone call.

Liability Limitation

Under no event or circumstances, the directors, officers, agents, employees or any other related party of FinoMarkets is liable to users of the site for any incidental, direct, punitive, indirect, special or consequential losses whatsoever that may result from any of the following:
• Any errors, inaccuracies or mistakes of the site’s content
• Property loss or personal injury or any other nature of damage whatsoever that may result from your website access and use or any other third-party site via our site
• Our services unlawful use and/or access through our secure servers or/and any or all personal information, including financial information stored within
• Any transmission cessation or interruption from or to our website
• Any viruses, bugs, Trojan horses or similar transmitted via our website by the third party • Any omissions or errors in the content or any incurred damage or loss that may result due to your usage of posted, transmitted or emailed content or otherwise available through our site whether it’s based on contract, warranty or other legal theory

The foregoing liability limitation is applicable to its fullest as permitted by the law in the jurisdiction where it’s applicable.

You should acknowledge that trading of FinoMarkets is not liable in any circumstances for submission of a contributor or the illegal, defamatory or offensive third party conduct and the damage or risks, harm or danger that may result from the preceding are entirely your responsibility!

FinoMarkets operates and controls the site, and we don't make any representations that this site is suitable or available for use in other places. Those users who access and use our site from some other region are responsible for doing so at their own discretion and have a responsibility to comply with their regional law.


You commit to indemnify, hold harmless and defend FinoMarkets, its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, officers, directors, agents, contractors and any other related parties from the claims, liability, costs, damages, losses that may arise due to your usage of the site. This includes the liabilities related to the following without limitations:
• Your site access or use or any posted content thereon
• Your terms of use or terms and conditions, representations or warranties violation as above set forth
• Your third party rights violation which includes the copyright, privacy right or asset without any limitation
• Any claims of damage due to the User Contributions to the third party

FinoMarkets reserve the rights at our sole discretion to presume the defined exclusives and take control of the matter that is subject to indemnification from your side. In this event, you'll be responsible for cooperating with our company to assert any defines available. This indemnification and defines persist these terms and conditions of the site and its usage.

Your Agreement and Consent

When you click on the ‘I agree’ button below, you confirm the following:
• You have understood all the terms and conditions of this site and its use with all other policies that are an integral component of your binding agreement that exist between FinoMarkets and you.
• You are over the age of 18 years and the information that you provided on this platform is absolutely accurate, and you'll notify FinoMarkets in the event of any changes.
• FinoMarkets is not responsible for ascertaining the product's suitability for you, which includes the lack of undisclosed information or experience.
• You have provided complete, accurate and truthful personal information, including your identity and address details.
• FinoMarkets reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions by posting to our website anytime as outlined in this agreement.
• You confirm that you get the chance to trade through a demo platform or/and you have understood or read the tutorial and the consequences of trading and the involved risks.
• Additionally, you understand the risks involved in stock and forex trade
• By filling our subscription form, you request us and agree that we open an account for you
• You confirm that you have thoroughly read and understood all terms and conditions as present in this document and site The terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other website policies apply to all those who use this website and our services. In case you want to have more information about our terms of use or any other policy, you can get in touch with us.

Permitted Use of Website

• Any individual of age 18 or above is permitted by law to use the site and its services under the applicable laws and regulations.
• The user should represent that he/she is competent to enter into a legal agreement and abide by the rules of law.
• User should not make any automated, commercial or serial use of this site as it forbids data collection, data mining, offline browsing plug-ins, theft of bandwidth, access via software and/or batch download using tools.
• When we receive your application, we have the right to carry out personal, credit and other checks as deemed necessary from time to time. This may also include, without limitation, ensuring your real identity by taking bank references, credit, or other agencies (if needed).
• We have the right to perform any type of credit or other checks while this agreement binds you and it's applicable to you.
• You agree that we can use the method of credit scoring to evaluate your application and decide whether to accept it or not.
• You should immediately inform us about the changes to your information anytime you provide us with your application form.
• When we accept your application, we open your account and provide you with your account ID and number. You are responsible for the protection of these details and should not provide them to anyone.
• In case you know that the other party knows your account details, you should immediately notify us. You should provide us assistance in conducting an investigation regarding your account misuse.
• You agree that it is not our responsibility to check your or anyone's identity operating or quoting through your account.
• You agree that we are entitled to any payments that we owe to you to a single account (not obliged) for all the amounts. We may agree that we transfer your monies to various bank accounts (but not obliged to do so).
• Although we agree to transfer money in different accounts, we should not be held liable for the mistakes we may make in the amount we transfer, provided that the sum aggregate amount is correct.
• Funds that appear in your account may also have bonuses or incentives as agreed upon or any other amounts that the client doesn't deposit directly or gained through trading of actually deposited amounts (non-deposited funds). Kindly note that you cannot make withdrawals of non-deposited funds unless explicitly agreed. Moreover, in certain events, we may assign the non-deposited funds in the account of the client (for instance, technical reasons to close or open positions).